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We faced one of our biggest challenges when Kentucky Fried Chicken arrived at Brandstudio, looking for a local agency to help them position their brand in the region.


With a detailed analysis of what the franchise does globally and how it behaves in other regions of the country, we concluded that the brand needed some Caribbean strokes. With an agressive glocalization strategy, we made Colonel Sanders comfortable under the sun and the Cumbia. Our social media strategy helped consolidate KFC in digital media as one of the strongest food brands and retailers in the region.


During the first semester, the brand´s local social media pages:

  • Ranked Top 40 food brands in the country.
  • Ranked #4 food brands in Colombian Atlantic Coast.
  • Equaled the number of followers that that the brand had reached in 2.5 years nationwide. (In 2015 half of KFC Colombia´s social media channels were composed of Caribbean Coast´s followers).
  • Were seen over 5 million times.


  • We reached over 2000 children in one weekend, who interacted with the brand during our activations.